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Hi Rachel, I went to the Cattle Drive today and our team came in 3rd out of 28 teams. We did great! But I want to let you know that the standing joke with me at Rouchers is that my “ass” is always out of the seat at a canter or gallop. Today according to David Roucher my “ass was glued to the seat.” I did everything we have been working on in our lessons. Thanks, and I’ll see you Thursday!



Rachel is an excellent teacher: she’s smart, caring, and patient. She does wonderful work with riders of all ages and abilities. What I love most about Rachel’s approach is that she always puts the horse first, and when a training problem arises, she comes up with a solution by considering the situation from the horse’s perspective. This ensures that the horse is not just a “means to an end” but a willing and happy partner. Her knowledge of equine health and biomechanics is a tremendous asset: she always makes sure that the horses she works with learn to move in ways that promote long-term health and soundness. Rachel has a very inquisitive mind and and is always seeking out ways to advance her knowledge and improve her teaching style. In addition to her extensive knowledge of horses and riding, she also has a wonderful gift for teaching and explains things in ways that are easy to understand. She takes the time to listen to her students and tailors their lessons to their individual needs and goals. I always learn something new when I work with Rachel, and I very much appreciate her positive and encouraging style of teaching. I wish all riding instructors were more like Rachel!

Lily Grant


Hi Rachel,

It was great to meet you at last! I just happened to speak with my friend Ellen later that day and she immediately burst out with: “Oh, I LOVED her! That’s SO exciting!” She gets a serious panic when she's even near horses now, but she keeps saying: “you know, when I get back to riding, it will be one-on-one with an instructor and it will be with Rachel.” So there’s your latest testimonial : ) 



I drove 1.5 hours each way for lessons with Rachel, despite living in the heart of horse country.  Rachel was, and will always be, the standard for teaching with the way she blends artistry with expertise.  As a beginner rider, Rachel's patience was legendary, a trait that comes from wisdom and compassion.  She planted the seeds for me to eventually buy my own first horse through guiding me on the journey of the horse's perspective.  It's said that one of the most beautiful gifts is that of encouragement, where a person helps you over a threshold that you might not have crossed on your own; I am grateful for the way that Rachel stepped me into this magnificent world of horses.  Rachel spoke to me at the deepest possible level, that of the Anam Cara, or soul friend, where there is an ancient act of recognition and the friendship stays alive across distance; when I face an obstacle, I can silently consult Rachel to find a solution that supports the horse's deepest needs. 

Lisa Daigle  

Lisa and Savannah


Rachel is a trainer like no other.  She is positive with both the horse and the rider, and her enthusiasm and positive reinforcement make lessons a pleasure.  Her understanding of and connection to the horse and rider enable both to find success.   I don't know what I would have done had I not found Rachel.  I had come from a negative environment, and my horse was spooky and timid and I was defeated.  Under Rachel's patient and kind tutelage, he and I formed a relationship and are growing in baby steps.  I am forever grateful to have her working with us.
Pam Kiniry
 Pam and Phantom

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