Lessons and training sessions are typically an hour long, sometimes a bit more depending on the needs of the horse and rider. It's important to end on a good note. Custom length lessons and unmounted sessions are also available.

LESSON AND TRAVEL RATES are increasing as of March 1 to the following:

Private lesson: $60
Semi-private (2 people): $50 each
Group (3 or more people): $45 each

I will drive up to 30 minutes at no extra charge. 31-60 minutes is an additional $15 and 61-90 minutes is an additional $30. For greater distances, please email for a quote. Travel fees can be split between clients. Travel time is determined in advance with Google Maps and I do not charge extra for traffic or weather delays.

Use of horse:
If I pay for the use of a school horse, or the use of a facility, the cost of that will be added to the lesson. If you are riding someone else's horse, and that arrangement has not been made through me, it is up to you to let them know when we'll be working with that horse.

Partial barters for goods or services will be considered.

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