Sunday, March 6, 2016

Three upcoming clinics

If you're interested in one of these clinics, it's time to register to hold your spot! Email me if you have any questions. Thanks!

Three exciting clinics to get you and your horse working together!

The Horse-Human Mind-Body Connection: Spring Tune Up!
A Clinic with Rachel Hackett at Full of Grace Farm
Saturday, May 1st from 9-4, Full of Grace Farm, Hadley MA

Start the season with softness! In this full-day clinic, riders will learn how to promote self-carriage in their horses, by releasing tension and finding spinal alignment in both horse and rider. Both will gain confidence and better balance. Riders of any discipline are welcome!

A limited number of horses and stalls are available for lease for the day from Full of Grace Farm.For more information, please contact Laura Litterer at 413-244-3785 or


Barre Riding and Driving Club & Horses with Rachel present:
Taking the Struggle out of Horse Training
A clinic with Rachel Hackett
Sunday May 15th, 9-4, Felton Field, Barre MA

Ever feel that you are not in sync with your horse, or there is something that is just not clicking but you don’t know why? Want better softness and balance?  Do you want to develop your horse into a healthy, balanced, comfortable partner for riding?  If so then this clinic is for you.

Contact:  Lynne Goodnow 978-544-3773, or Jane Lynds,


The Path to Softness
A Clinic with Rachel Hackett at Upper Main Farm
Saturday, June 11th, 9-4, Upper Main Farm, Hatfield MA

In order to be properly balanced, the horse must know how to soften through his topline. We’ve all heard this before, but what does it really mean, and how do we get there? Learn how to see, feel, and create softness in your horse on the ground and under saddle at this full day clinic!

Contact for more information.