Jillian Kreinbring is my mentor and friend, and the finest horsewoman you'll ever meet. Take her biomechanics course or attend a lecture, demo or lesson if you ever have the chance. She will inspire you to be a better horseperson.
Jillian Kreinbring

Connected Riding was created by Peggy Cummings, and is the method from which most of my teaching is drawn. Take a clinic with her or one of her certified instructors if you possibly can. It just might change your life.
Connected Riding

TTouch and TTeam bodywork and training were designed by Linda Tellington-Jones to create awareness and body integration in the horse and deal with all manner of physical and behavioral issues. Her contribution to the lives of all animals is unique and invaluable. Take a workshop with her or one of her certified instructors to improve your relationship with your animal and learn valuable bodywork techniques for health and healing.
TTouch/ TTeam Training

Manolo Mendez is a Dressage trainer based in Australia. I've never met him but his talents speak for themselves. He's a master at creating softness, freedom, and willingness in horses. See him in person if you can or at the very least, watch his YouTube videos and follow him on Facebook.
Manolo Mendez

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