What I Do

I teach horses and riders to work together, in balance, without struggling. By learning about what a horse is, how it moves, and how it thinks, a rider can learn to subtly influence her horse's movement and mood without force or dominance.

My strength as a teacher is in recognizing the individuality of each horse and each rider, and adapting my instruction to best fit their learning styles, abilities, and goals. I draw upon many methods and sources because no one program is a perfect fit for everyone.

The one thing all horses and riders have in common is that they have unconscious bracing patterns. Physically, as well as emotionally, we are all more comfortable doing things the way we have always done them. I support horses and riders as they learn to release their tension and let go of their fear. The result is a dramatic improvement in performance, health, communication, and the sense that horse and rider are a team.

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  1. that is really wonderful. I just read your blog! Excellent, and i read about your husband. We need work done around the house, and i think we will call you. We will be moving, so we want to upgrade a few things before the home goes on the market!